Thursday, 13 February 2014

Emil And The Detectives - The National Theatre

Emil and the Detectives was a lot more enjoyable than I imagined, even for adults! When Emil is sent alone to visit his Grandmother in Berlin, the most remarkably enjoyable adventure ensues as he tries to recover his stolen money.
Toots gives an excellent performance and you can’t help but gush over the cuteness of the loveable Tuesday. I can only imagine the organsisation behind this production as over fifty children are involved.

Emil and the Dectectives is a funny, feel good show where good clearly triumphs over evil – even against the odds of a group of children trying to bring justice to an adult in the nineteen thirties when, by their own admission, a child’s word would never been taken over an adult’s. With audience participation and money falling from the skies this is a great family show with laughs and engagement for all who attend. I highly recommend a seat in the stalls!

Emil And The Detectives can be seen @ The National Theatre until 18th March.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Weir - Wyndham's Theatre

Unfortunately The Weir confirmed my initial fears – a play about 5 people chatting in a pub can’t be that entertaining. I went along for the scare factor, as I love a good ghost story. But the stories are anything but frightening and the rhythm of the piece painfully slow. There is the odd injection of humour; a woman ordering wine in a ‘man’s’ pub that clearly only serves ale and beer hence when the bar tender does find a bottle in the house it has to be poured into a tall glass – and is poured as you would a glass of larger. These moments are, unfortunately, too few.

The Weir can be seen @ Wyndham's Theatre until 19th April.