Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Doll’s House - Duke of York's

As an amateur theatre producer, it’s encouraging to see that even the professional sometimes have technical difficulties. The show started 6 minutes late, then paused less than a minute in as there was a stage rotation malfunction. House lights came up and stage crew made an apology assuring us it would be sorted soon. Ten minutes later the show started again, only to be stopped in the same place when the sage again refused to rotate. Another apology, another wait and then, 30 minutes later than billed the show began and thankfully, the dodgy start was my only critique of this production.
The joyful opening scenes of an adoring mother hiding her children’s Christmas gifts and sneakily eating chocolates, masks the darker realities of the situation about to unfold. The childlike Nora (Hattie Morahan) had borrowed some money years ago when her husband was unwell and is now being blackmailed. An unexpected visit from Nora’s childhood friend, Kristine (Caroline Martin) lightens the state for a while but eventually husband Torvald (Dominic Rowan) learns the truth. And it’s revealed sensationally by a Nora who has matured considerably from the childish woman we met in Act One.

A Doll’s House can be seen @ Duke OfYork’s until 26th October