Wednesday, 22 July 2015

War Horse - New London Theatre

It goes without saying that the major attraction of War Horse is its life-sized creation of the horses Joey and Tophorn. Just watching how these huge puppets are maneuvered so gracefully and skillfully throughout the scenes is astonishing. The transformation of little Joey from a small horse into a full grown adult is breath-taking. And all this before you add the stellar performance of the cast.  The drama, the passion and the tension are all perfectly encapsulated in the music and James Backway does an excellent job of portraying the heartfelt emotion of Albert Narracot for his horse. This is definitely one to see again.

War Horse can be seen @ The New London Theatre until March 2016

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Mousetrap - St Martin's Theatre

Running for more than 60 years, this Agatha Christie’s who-done-it is the longest running play in history and it’s easy to see why.  The plot is simple, yet brilliantly executed. Eight members of cast snowed in in a guesthouse on a cold winter’s night with no way of contacting the outside world due to a downed telephone line and with a murderer amongst them. Christopher Wren (no, not the architect) was my favourite character; his crazy, energetic presence is annoying, in a good way. Unlike the irritation felt towards the miserable Mrs Boyle and my quiet glee over her demise. Before intermission I had correctly deciphered who done it and eagerly awaited the second half to see my decipherment proved correct.

The Mousetrap can be seen @ St Martin's Theatre 

Monday, 20 July 2015

The Nether - Duke of York

After falling asleep on my first attempt to see this play (through tiredness not boredom) I was compelled to see it again as I was curious as to how it would end. The Nether is a virtual world where actions, including crimes, have no consequences. But in the created ‘Hideaway’, Morris (a female detective) suspects all manner of unlawful and perverted acts are occurring. But with users citing that no harm can come of living out fantasies in a virtual reality, is there any case to answer?