Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Dresser - Duke of York's Theatre

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This play about the ongoings of backstage theatre stars Reece Shearsmith and Ken Scott.  Shearsmith shines as the dresser to an ailing, slightly deranged actor.  He’s overly tolerant yet amusing in all he does. The first half is an on off, on off, deliberation as to wether the play can go on with a ‘Lear’ in this state.By the second half it’s been decide that the show will indeed go on, but an irrational lead is not the only thing afflicting the company. As World War II bombs fall around them, the actors do a poor job on stage of masking their fear.  The action is frantic, many of the lines are improvised and you can’t help but feel the stage manager’s anxiety. Outstanding performances from the cast and no shortage of laughs.     
The Dresser can be seen @ Duke of York's Theatre until 14th January 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Last Tango - Phoenix Theatre

Image result for the last tangoI loved Dance Til Dawn so much I saw it 3 times. Hence I had huge expectations for this show, and with it being their last expected they would go out with a bang. But alas I set myself up for disappointment. The show isn’t bad and maybe it’s not fair for me to compare  - but in comparison it was a let down.
However, if you haven’t seen their previous show, then you can enjoy this one for what it is. An older man roots through memorabilia from the 1930’s and watches his younger self dance his way through various life stages. Meeting his bride to be, the proposal, marriage, children (her way of announcing each child is particularly funny), going to and returning from war. It lacks the dialogue and witty humour of the previous show, but, Vincent and Flavia’s moves are as smooth and synchronised as ever as the duo dance their way through the tango, salsa, rumba and jive.  The dulcet tones of Oliver Darley wowed me as much as they did in Dance Til Dawn and all the supporting dancers and singers are also on point.

The Last Tango can be seen @ Phonenix Theatre until 3rd Dec