Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Other Desserts Cities - The Old Vic

Christmas can often be a time of drama and conflict in families and in this play it’s true for the Wyeth's family.  When daughter Brooke (Martha Plimpton) returns home to spend Christmas with her ‘well to do’ family in Palm Springs with news on an exposé  book she’s written on their family, the revelation causes a division. Her parents are aghast while her brother and alcoholic aunt seem more supportive.
The cast do a brilliant job of bringing this story to life but what I enjoyed most is that it’s staged in the round and my upfront seat gave me an intimate view of characters facial expressions, movements and gestures from all angles.
Amid the humour, old wounds are reopened and skeleton’s revealed in Lindsay Posner's production of Jon Robin Baitz’s play.

Other Dessert Cities can be seen @ The Old Vic until 24th May