Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lord Of The Dance, Dangerous Games - Dominion Theatre

After such a good run of great shows, it was just a matter of time before there would be one that made me think I shouldn’t have wasted my time. Unfortunately Lord Of The Dance – Dangerous Games did just that. James Keegan is a talented dancer and all his moves were on point. Other than that, I struggle to say anything positive about this show. It was hard to keep up with the constant costume and scene changes, one minute we were watching robots, then music box style dancers, the dancers in their underwear with no easily understandable link. Background changed from butterflies and waterfall to something that looked to be out of a darker realm, again with no aparent connection. Add to this the mediocre live singing which I could not quite believe I was hearing on a West End stage. As tempted as I was to leave at the intermission I regrettable decided to stick it out. A hologram at the end of a trio Michael Flately does made it no better.   

This show at the Dominion Theatre has now ended