Monday, 9 February 2015

Taken At Midnight - Theatre Royal Haymarket

Based on a true story, Mark Hayhurst’s play tells of Hans Litten (played by MartinHutson) a German lawyer who forces Adolf Hitler to give evidence during a court case.  The story centers around his mother, Irmgard (Penelope Wilton) who puts herself at risk to confront his captors.

The set is minimal and the bleak, bare walls of the concentration camp are seen throughout adding to the desperate feel of the piece. I went expecting to see / hear more of the trail but this was kept to the bare minimum at the end of the piece and hence, for me, it was disappointing.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunny Afternoon - Harold Pinter

I think I may be showing my age here but I had never heard of The Kinks, a band formed by Muswell Hill brothers Ray and Dave Davies in the 60’s, until this show. John Dagleish plays Ray, the quieter of the two who’s concerned with composing lyrics. In contrast his younger brother who lives up to the title ‘Dave the Rave’ is portrayed by George Maguire as a girl loving party animal. My heart leapt as I watched him swinging from the chandelier!

There is a striking contrast between the suited business men who hold the purse stings and the youngsters who just want to make music. Brace yourself for the roaring music which blasts from the wall to wall speakers forming part of the set. When they burst into You Really Got Me, I found myself thinking ‘ah, they’re the ones who sing this’. And whether or not you’re familiar with their music, you’ll find yourself up on your feet and jigging away towards the end. In my case there really was no choice as one actor literally pulled me to my feet!

Sunny Afternoon can be seen @ Harold Pinter Theatre until 23rd May