Monday, 25 November 2013

nut - The Shed

This was my first visit to The Shed. Loved the intimate 225 seat space, didn’t love the show.  The opening scene is intriguing. Elayne (Nadine Marshall), a woman obsessed with list making and post it notes, discusses eulogies and what their funerals will be like with her friend, in a less than friendly manner. The banter is witty and brings a few smiles. It then switches to a feud between a separated husband and wife about his one day a week access to their daughter. By the last scene we see the connection but to me there was something greatly lacking in brining it all together; giving it purpose. My other disappointment with the first piece of work I've seen by debbie tucker green was the unnecessary overuse of profanity which, in my opinion, brought nothing to the characters or the piece.

nut can be seen @ The Shed, The National Theatreuntil 5th Dec