Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dance Til Dawn - Aldwych Theatre

Dance til Dawn is a story built around (or indeed built to showcase) the dancing talents of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace. While they perfectly perform dances such as foxtrot, samba, rumba and tango etc. I was far more interested in the background story. TeddyKempner is a narrating lawyer, telling us the story of the murder of a 1940’s Hollywood star. Abbie Osmon shines as the beautiful but ditsy and murderous villain, Lana, providing some outstanding numbers including That’s Life. In the background Oliver Darley melodically provides songs such as Moon River and Stand By Me. (I picked up that some of the songs must have been written after the supposed era of the story but he’s so brilliant in his delivery that I doubt anyone cared).

It’s not fully a musical, nor is it entirely a dance piece but a humourous and engaging mixture of both. 

Dance Til Dawn can be seen @ Aldwych Theatre until 3rd January